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Not just any blockbuster game, a game related to knowledge and word training suddenly became popular and flourished in early 2022. This game is called Wordle. 


Wordle is a word guessing game in which you have to find a five-letter to eleven-letter word using six guesses. After each guess, the boxes that contain the letters you entered will be colored green, yellow, or gray to give you feedback about which letters you guessed right. 


  • If a tile is green, it means that the letter you entered is in the final word and in the right place.
  • If a tile is yellow, it means that the letter you entered is in the final word but in the wrong place.
  • If a tile is gray, it means that the letter you entered is not in the final word at all.


So after several tries, you can figure out what the hidden word is based on the colors of the letters you entered in your previous attempts. 

While the game may sound simple, it's more difficult than it may first seem. 


Why is Wordle game so popular?


This word guessing game has really grown in popularity in just a short time. From 90 players on November 1, 2021, the game has grown to 300,000 players a day after only two months of publication.


The first point that makes the game so popular is that it is completely free to play and has no ads. It is suitable on all devices such as phones, tablets, or PCs.


At the same time, this game also has the feature of sharing achievements on social networks. This wordle game reflects your word knowledge and thinking ability. Once you solve the puzzle, you can share it on social media and brag about it within just a few seconds. However, the answers you find will be blurred. And it only shows green, yellow, or gray-colored squares with no letter. The thing is to create a feeling of curiosity in others and make them want to challenge their knowledge.


In addition, this game is very flexible in terms of vocabulary, the words that you need to find will change after every day. There aren't any constraints on the subject of the word or any hint of the letter you need to figure out.


Tips for playing Wordle game


Wordle game has different levels from easy to difficult based on the number of cells in each grid from 5x6 to 11x6. If you are a new player, please choose the easy keyword-level with 5 letters first. Note that you only have 6 attempts to find the hidden word at the bottom.


For each word, you will spell each letter of that word in individual boxes. After entering the result with the Enter key, the system will return some suggestions for you to guess the hidden word. The cells that return green results mean that the letters are in the correct position and you just have to repeat that letter down the cell directly below it. The box that returns the yellow result shows that the letter is in the hidden word but is not in the correct position. The box that returns gray results is the cell containing the letter that is not in the words you are looking for. Combine the suggestions and narrow down options to find the final answer.


On the first guess, do not try to guess the question correctly. Because you don't have any clues for the first time, the first answer serves as the basis for you to determine the next answer and get closer to the answer.


Remember that a letter can appear twice in the same word. For example, the word "excited" has two occurrences of the letter "E". So, with the squares that return green results, do not rush to ignore it in the next guess.


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