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With the exception that you must guess 8 target words at once and have 13 guesses to complete the puzzle, Octordle adheres to the traditional Wordle rules. Use the daily game option in Octordle to solve the same problems with your friends every day while using 4 to 6 letter words. Try to start the game with a term that doesn't repeat any letters and includes as many vowels as you can, like "RADIO." Grant Sanderson, a mathematician, discovered that the optimal beginning word is "CRANE" or "SLOTH," which is made up of often used characters. In the game's options, you may select daily mode so that you and your friends can tackle the same puzzles every day. Every 24 hours, a new set of words is displayed.

How to play Octordle

To solve the 8 target words, you have 13 guesses. To solve the problem, follow the color cues on the keyboard and letters.

The target word lacks the letter entirely, as shown by the color marker.

The letter is there, but it's at the wrong spot.

The letter is present in the term and is located correctly.

You must correctly guess each of the eight words to win. (Every letter is green.) 

How to play



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