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Play the Nerdle Game, a logic-based Wordle game alternative. As opposed to the previous game, this one requires you to guess concealed math equations rather than words. You may enter your own algebraic equations using symbols and numbers to receive suggestions. Play with equations from 5 to 12 characters and select different game durations in the settings. Simple rules apply: In six trials, you must correctly estimate the math equation. Find the numbers and arithmetic signs in each line of the equation by entering your own accurate equation. The number or sign will be marked in yellow if it is present in the equation but is in the wrong location, and green if it is. The color will be gray if the equation has no numbers or signs. In six trials, can you determine the goal equation?

How to play Nerdle

The game has an equation that is hidden from the start. Along with integers, it may also include the equal sign and the mathematical symbols for addition (plus), subtraction (minus), multiplication (x), and division (slash).

Using your estimates, you must determine which equation was correctly predicted. In the first line, you must type any true mathematical equation and hit Enter. All cells will now all change color.

Make use of these hues as cues. If the square becomes green, your guess was correct; this symbol or number appears in the same location in the secret equation. Such a sign exists, but in a different location, if the square turns yellow. There is no similar sign for gray, either.

Continue inserting equations until you identify the buried one. Remember that symbols and numbers can be used more than once. One requirement, though, is constant: the left and right sides of the statement must be equal.

You may select the lengths of the equations you'll use to play in the settings. To make the game simpler, you may also turn off several math symbols there. Make your own game and distribute the URL. Don't forget to tell your friends about the findings. 


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