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Lewdle is a word guessing or puzzle game in which you must determine the meaning of a word given the Lewdle word. The majority of the words you spell on Lewdle, though, are potentially offensive. Therefore, participation in the Lewd words game is entirely voluntary. You can also stop playing if today's lewd word is inappropriate for you.


To begin, the Lewdle word game is a guessing game in which additional letters must be added to the Lewdle word.

You will see a 6x6 table and a Lewdle keypad on your screen.

Click the "bulb" icon in the navigation bar to reveal a single letter from the current Lewdle words.

When the letter appears, you must start attempting to guess it.

The bulb icon can only be utilized once per day per user to display the Lewdle letter. It may also negatively affect your Lewdness score. Once the relevant Lewd term has been entered, press the "Enter" button.

Hints and Tips for Playing

You must grasp the foundations of the Lewldle game in order to avoid wasting your chances of guessing the correct word and compromising your Luwdle score.

With daily new challenges, guessing Lewdle's word of the day can rapidly become addicting. Additionally, once you understand you're on a streak of perfection, keeping it becomes crucial.


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