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Are you prepared to compete with other players in an engaging word guessing game called Dordle? This Wordle imitation game, which has caused a worldwide craze among players, is here to torture you and make things extremely difficult for you by putting endurance and ant knowledge. your language knowledge to the test.
Are you ready to compete with yourself by finding not one, but two hidden words at once? You can quickly outpace your predictions because whatever you enter will have a simultaneous impact on both tables. You will have a total of 7 chances to predict 2 words with 5 letters each. The letters you type become yellow when they match the letters in the original word; but, they won't turn green until they are also typed in the proper order. You don't have to wait until the next day to continue playing this entertaining game, that's one of its benefits. Show the world what you're capable of by pushing your mental limits. Happy time!

How to play Dordle

You have to guess 2 five letter words at once, but you can only guess 1 word at a time

Green: the letters in the word and in the right place

Yellow: letters in the word but in the wrong place

Gray: letters not in the word

How to play



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