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Daily Wordle


Wordle is a new game that came out in 2021 and by early 2022, it has really become an Internet craze across social networking sites. It was developed by Josh Wardle and published by The New York Times Company.  With rich knowledge of vocabulary, combined with a simple but logical playing style, NYTimes Wordle game has quickly attracted players of all ages, from children to adults, and even seniors.


How to play Wordle game?


NYTimes Wordle game will display in the form of a grid and your task is to find the hidden word to fill in that grid within 6 attempts. A special feature of Daily Wordle is that every day there will be a hidden word and your task is to find it. If you fail, you will have to wait until the next day to continue playing. Notice that you only have 6 rows corresponding to 6 tries.


After entering the vocabulary, there will be a result returned to you by color. 


In gray, the letter is false and you should discard words containing this letter on subsequent tries. 

With yellow, the letter in that box is in the hidden word but it is in the wrong place. Choose a word that contains the letter in the yellow box but in a different position. 

As for the green box, it contains the correct letter in the correct position, you just need to re-enter it in the same column below. 


In the first attempt to guess the word, there will not be any suggestions for you. So don't try to guess right on this first try. There is a trick for players this time is to try to come up with words with many vowels or words containing many letters with the highest probability. For example, TEARS with letters with a high probability of appearing are T, E, and A. Using your logical thinking ability, analyze the color hints that combine the types of words you already know to find the most correct answer. Every day you will receive a different word challenge, so please join the New York Times Wordle game often to get more different challenges. 


Why did Wordle become so popular?


This crossword puzzle game is for those who are passionate about mind games and puzzle games. Playing NYTimes Wordle on a regular basis will help you practice your memory, word understanding, and thinking ability. The special feature of this game is that it helps you to memorize the spelling of all the words. You will learn how to think logically to find a completely correct word based on the suggestions you have found earlier. Linking the clues together is the only way you can get closer to the answer.


This game can be played completely free on all platforms. Whether players use phones, tablets, or computers, they can play this game anywhere and anytime they want. In addition, the company also offers many features to be compatible with many different player requirements such as easy to difficult mode, or dark mode.


NY Times Wordle game really explodes in just a short period and becomes a most loved game phenomenon. Players after finding out the hidden word in the Daily Wordle game can completely brag about their achievements on social networking sites like Twitter and the results will be blurred.


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